Why Travertine Window Sills Are The Most Versatile For Your Construction Project

You can look for travertine stone almost anywhere and most distributors will gladly give you the specs. However sometimes, you are looking for more than numbers.

This is because when you incorporate a travertine stone into a build, you’ll also need to sell that to your client. More often than not, it’s going to be the quality of your build that will give you the highest bang for your buck on your construction project.

Know What You’re Selling

With natural stone becoming more popular in new builds—and more then often, it’s almost to be expected, you need to teach yourself and your buyers about the type of stone you’re planning on using. When people pay an extreme amount of money on a building project, they not only like to know where their money is going, they also like to talk about it as well. So if your clients are talking about your build, then they’re also advertising for you! Therefore, it’s in your best interest to give your clients something good to talk about.

Giving Your Buyers Something to Talk About

If a client starts bragging about their new home or office building, they’re most likely going to talk about the little details. The bottom line is that different is good! So if you are able to incorporate a different type of stone into your build, use travertine and start off subtle with installing it as a window sill.

This is the kind of thing that gets people talking!

An Alternative to Marble

There’s no argument here, marble is one of the best looking natural stones there is. That’s why everyone wants it, and that’s why it’s so expensive. So as a builder, the key here is to incorporate another type of stone that’s just as beautiful as marble—one that people will want to talk about. You do this with travertine. First, you need to learn about it in order to educate your buyers. You’re basically learning about this natural stone so that you can educate your clients and you could spread the word!

Learning About Travertine Stone

First, you need to understand that travertine is a natural stone within it’s own class. Unlike marble, it’s formed above ground and is NOT a metamorphic rock. This clearly doesn’t take away from its beauty. However, understanding the make of travertine will give you a better idea of why it’s so versatile.

How Travertine is Created

Travertine is created through the process of precipitation. Through carbonate materials and the solution that stagnate surface water collects over a period of time, it builds up much like how icicles are formed in caves. It can also be formed around hot springs. Because of how this particular natural stone is made, the colors will always be neutral and it can be quite porous. One might argue that it’s the only disadvantage travertine might have over marble.

However, what might be seen as a disadvantage to some might be an advantage to others. Sometimes, what you might need for your build is a porous rock, because travertine’s porosity might be the look that could put your build above your competitors.

Because of travertine’s porosity, the surface gives off a matte-like finish that’s obvious to the touch while offering a rustic feel.


The Versatility

But here’s the main attraction about travertine that sets it above marble stone: you can install this as an outside feature as well. You cannot only incorporate travertine window sills as an interior feature, but also outside. Travertine stands up to the exterior elements better than others. Its textured surface holds traction so it’s perfect for a decorative design within a shower floor. They can be installed around a pool or hot tub area. They’re also great around outdoor water features!


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