Wholesale Travertine Corner Caddies Importer In The U.S.

Buyers today are looking for the extra touches that make a home more luxurious. In addition to using natural stone where you can, including window sills and stairwells, you also might want to consider incorporating travertine corner caddies into important areas of the project. Consider these benefits of natural stone corner caddies as well as these clever design ideas.

When you anticipate their needs and include those little finishes, it makes a great impression on potential clients.

Simple Care buyers Love

All in all, it proves more convenient than wood and other building materials.
Annual sealing will keep the pores closed and prevent staining. Travertine has been a popular building material for centuries since it’s very simple to clean and care for. People want their homes to look great, but they aren’t necessarily interested in making their property harder to care for. In general, it can be scrubbed down with mild detergent and water. The right building materials will ensure that properties are simple to maintain as well as attractive.

Add Sophistication, Eliminate the Ordinary

The travertine is more attractive than basic ceramic soap holders, and the flat shelf will prove more useful for modern homebuyers. With so many people making the switch to liquid soaps and loofah sponges, these fixtures are falling out of fashion. While they’re an ordinary fixture found in many homes, you can make your project stand out more by eliminating this basic piece and adding a more sophisticated corner shelf. In the past, showers came with a basic little soap dish that held a washcloth and bar of soap. All in all, you’re replacing a basic fixture with an elegant one that will add a special touch to the room and make any space more attractive.
The colors are sophisticated, and moving the shelf out to the corner will effectively open up space along the center of the tub.

Customized Arrangements

Most people find that a single shelf in the shower just isn’t enough. However, you can keep any powder room looking clean by adding more corner shelves. Another option is to stack them in a row at one end of the bathroom to add multiple shelves while maintaining the neat look. Your buyers can decide how many are necessary and when the configuration should be to allow them to further customize their home to suit their needs.
This is why manufacturers offer all kinds of pressure mounted and hanging shelves for the bathroom. While one in the corner looks great, you can balance the appearance by putting another one in the opposite corner.

Suitable for Interior and Exterior Uses

The shelves can be installed along the interior corner of two adjoining walls, so you can get creative with the exterior placement. Decorate them with seasonal items throughout the year to make the front of a property more inviting and welcoming.
People are often surprised to realize that travertine can be used in exterior applications. If the front door of a home is recessed into an alcove, you can finish off the alcove with brick or tiles and add a few corner shelves. If you’re installing an outdoor bar, consider adding a few corner shelves along the back wall for displaying items or storing bottles. This makes it the perfect choice when you want to add some shelves to an outdoor kitchen or a spa area that needs more storage.

Neutral Colors with Travertine

Another benefit of travertine is the lovely neutral colors. Rather than giving your project a finish of pure white tiles that will not match their décor, they can benefit from a neutral look that matches contemporary and traditional themes alike. This gives buyers a finished arrangement that will never become outdated or need to be replaced. Available in shades of tan with white and gray mottling, travertine will match almost any type of décor. Homeowners who are making a purchase for the long term will love knowing that their bathroom will continue to be in fashion for decades to come since you had the foresight to go with travertine finishes.

Safety You’ll Appreciate

You want the people who buy your homes to be safe in the property now and for years to come. The smooth curve makes a gentle transition from one wall to the other, effectively eliminating sharp angles. Unlike other storage options, the travertine corner caddy doesn’t have sharp edges that people might bump into. In addition to being a safer choice, it also looks more attractive than other options.
Another concern of any builder is the safety of potential customers.

Perfect Kitchen Additions

They’re also the perfect addition to most kitchens. Adding corner shelves allows you to make the transition from the cabinet to the window while also adding storage space to the room. Corner shelves aren’t just useful in the bathroom. If you have an interior corner, then consider adding a shelf to help keep the counters clean at all times. This is particularly useful along windows where you don’t want to take the cabinets right to the wood structure.

Finishing Touch for the Vanity

You can also add the corner shelves to the area over the commode or other spots in the bathroom to help tie the décor together and improve the storage.
The corner caddies are also a great finishing touch along the bathroom vanity. People will love having a place to set their toothbrush holders, perfume bottles or other items. They will choose to put a decorative item on this shelf or something more functional, and they’ll be impressed with your attention to detail either way.

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