Travertine Window Sills as an Alternative to Marble

The main difference between marble and travertine is in the way the limestone in each material is formed. Marble is formed by pressure and heat while travertine is formed by heated water.

Visually, travertine is often smooth and glossy. It’s also used for walkways and paving stones near pools. For these purposes, some of the natural roughness is kept for safety in order to increase traction. It also makes a great windowsill choice for designers who are attempting a more rustic design.

Travertine has a softer appearance, with subtle variations in color rather than the distinctive veining in marble. The choice often comes down to appearance, however. All else aside, travertine has an edge over marble for windowsills when it comes to cost and durability. When cost is a deciding factor, travertine is the way to go. Marble is more luxurious by comparison.

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