How to Replace a Rotted Window Sill

There’s really only one surefire way to replace your rotted window sill once and for all, and that’s installing a superior product. Everything from the foundation to the window sills needs to be held to high standards of quality. No matter where you live and what kind of climate you’re used to, if you don’t have quality window sills installed, it will take a beating.


With wood window sills, what that eventually does is soften that material making it an inviting home for bugs that enjoy burrowing in wet, damp places. If you live in the colder climate, you’ll have to endure the freezing rain and snow that can wear your window sill down approximately a period of time. Even with lower quality window sills, the heat from the sun is going to cause that sill to get brittle and the critters of that region that’s particularly fond of dry wood would simply burrow it’s way into the material, thus turning it into a brittle material that will increase the decaying process with enough moisture and humidity.

If you’ve come upon a build or a flip where you have the opportunity to replace a rotted window sill, do it with either a marble or travertine window sill. With the right color selection, you’ll be surprised at how much something as overlooked as a window sill can do to a design. For a more contrasting look, designers can install the Black Granite window sills that will offer a bolder feel to a space.

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