Single Hollywood Door Threshold -Black Absolute Granite 36 x 4 inches


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Material: Black Absolute Granite
Thickness: 3/4 inch (2cm)
Length: 36  inches
Width: 4 inches
Surface styles: Polished
Colors/Patterns: Black
Bevel: Single Hollywood (one side)

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Elevate your interior decor with our Polished Stone Door Saddle, crafted from the finest Absolute Black granite. This superior door saddle serves as the perfect junction between two flooring materials, seamlessly merging them with a unique blend of style and functionality.

The Absolute Black granite used in the construction of this door saddle is a testament to both luxury and durability. Its dark, glossy finish adds an elegant, timeless appeal to any setting, enhancing the visual appeal of your rooms. The polished stone surface is resistant to scratches, chips, and wear, ensuring that your transition remains intact for years to come.

One side of the door saddle boasts a Single Hollywood finish, characterized by a large, smooth, and gently sloping bevel that not only adds a chic flair to your floor but also facilitates an easy and smooth transition. This feature is particularly useful in areas where there is a significant difference in the levels of the two adjoining floors, making it a practical choice for a variety of settings.

The other side of the saddle features a standard bevel, providing a conventional, clean edge that is perfect for pairing with all kinds of flooring. Its subtle slope ensures a safe, trip-free environment while maintaining the elegant look of your flooring.

Our Polished Stone Door Saddle, with its Absolute Black granite, is an amalgamation of beauty and toughness. Its single Hollywood and standardly beveled design offers you the best of both worlds – a stylish yet practical solution for all your flooring transition needs. With its easy installation process, it can quickly become an elegant addition to any home or office setting.

Order now to add a touch of sophistication and seamless transition to your floors with this high-quality, polished stone door saddle.