Popular Marble Door Thresholds And Windowsills For Beachfront Apartments In Miami

When you’re talking about redesigning a beachfront property—in particular on Miami Beach, you’re looking at an entirely different type of style.

The Art Deco Style

Miami Beach is known as one of the nation’s most popular beach resorts. It’s even listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It’s Art Deco style originated during the 1920s and 30s. The style is a mixture of French art along with Greek, Egyptian and Mayan decorative motifs and Cuban art. However, what stands out the most are the bold colors and architectural designs that you’ll see on exterior buildings and interior designs. It could be said that Art Deco is considered the bright lights of Hollywood, California.

What you’ll tend to notice about Art Deco designs are the geometric shapes with precise lines that are attached to the building structure. You’ll also find that most original Art Deco designs are formed from metal or ceramic sculptures.

What makes Art Deco especially unique is that when it was extremely popular, it appeared to be associated with the wealthy. Those people who could afford to travel from up north and would spend their summers on Miami Beach. It represented glamour, luxury, and money.

Preserving History

Since Miami Beach is best known for launching  a new kind of decorating and stylish exclusive lifestyle, like other historical buildings in the United States, the Art Deco structures are required to keep it’s original style. However, owners usually can do what they like with the interior, especially if they are utilizing it as a rental property.

So for those fortunate enough to own a piece of Miami Beach typically want to upgrade the interior, but still remain true to the Art Deco style. Most Miami Beach designers do this by creating styles with a straight-edged finishBut today, instead of going with metal, designers are using more marble and other types of natural stone other than ceramic. They’re also using this material in ways that isn’t necessarily incorporated in other builds.

Getting Creative with Marble Thresholds and Window Sills

Miami is already a humid environment. And if you’re building or renovating beachfront properties, it’s important to build with the tropical environment in mind. It’s also important to bear in mind that beachfront properties tend to be a bit more humid because of the amount of dampness that’s brought into the home from the beach. That means reconsidering what “standard” in the construction industry.

Keeping that in mind, you’ll need to use the most durable type of building materials that can hold up against such environmental conditions. Because as a builder, it’s important to keep in mind that what might work for a cooler climate might not for tropic ones.

Build your Miami beachfront home in the way that you might build or remodel a basement. Consider keeping your doorways waterproof by installing marble thresholds. Preserve all of your windows from those tropical rainstorms that can seep through wooden and even vinyl window sills rotting your drywall, causing harmful mold. This is one of the most beneficial reasons why most Florida builders prefer to use marble in their build. 

Why Builders Prefer Marble Window Sills and Thresholds

Marble is stronger than the standard type of material used for window sills and thresholds because it stands the test of time and may even hold up longer than the dwelling itself. Marble is a rock. What’s more, it’s a metamorphic rock meaning it is comprised of more than one kind of natural stone. Marble is primarily made up of limestone. Through the process of a immense amount of pressure and heat from deep within the earth, the limestone gets melted along with other surrounding minerals and fossil materials reforming into a stronger rock that comes in many different color variations. Great for designers!

Color Choices

Selecting which type of color to stock your warehouse with can turn into quite an issue for building contractors. Because for the most part, everything they buy is in bulk, and rightfully so as it’s cheaper to do it this way. People’s choices vary. So, it can be quite the task to determine what kind of marble will appeal to a larger group of buyers.

However, if you find the right marble threshold and window sill distributor, you won’t have to worry about purchasing the wrong color. And you won’t have to worry about having a crate of marble window sills and thresholds collecting dust in your warehouse. In cases like this, contractors may end up selling their supply to another distributor at a lower price than they originally purchased it for. 

With Marble-Thresholds.com, a marble window sill and threshold wholesale distributor in Miami, Florida, you’ll only select from the choicest selection of quality marble stone mined in Turkey. Marble-Thresholds.com owns its own quarry and always has a constant shipment of inventory coming in, so you won’t ever have to worry about running out of stock. Additionally, Marble-Thresholds.com has a large warehouse selection of the type of marble and even travertine stone that most building contractors prefer. So with Marble-Thresholds.com, you can’t go wrong selecting the type of marble window sill and threshold for your next building project.

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