Marble Saddles for Floor Thresholds

A marble saddle, also known as a marble threshold, is a piece of marble that creates a smooth transition between two different rooms. This transition is particularly needed when the two rooms have different flooring materials or colors, or when transitioning from one room or hallway into a bathroom or kitchen, in order to keep moisture from spillages contained. While saddles are traditionally made from materials like wood or metal, more and more designers, decorators, and contractors have chosen marble for this purpose, for both its strength and elegance.

In a world of hardwood, carpeting, tile, and vinyl, natural stone flooring offers a something new and different. And because it’s a natural stone, no two pieces of marble will ever look alike, making every piece a truly unique look. Additionally, the veining in marble can help transition between dark and light materials more easily than a single-colored piece of wood or metal.

Marble is one of the oldest building materials, particularly when one thinks of ancient Rome or Greece. The Romans were the first to truly appreciate the quality of marble, and used it for both construction and art—pillars, floors, statues, tables, and even trim have all been made from marble. Because of this, marble typically also has a higher price tag than other materials as well—but even with a higher price, the beauty and strength of marble make it a better value than other, cheaper materials which may not last as long or look as inviting.

Marble floor saddles are installed like thresholds of any other material, placed evenly between the two jambs of a door, edge to edge. Many do-it-yourselfers choose to install them themselves, without the help of a contractor. The tools needed are few and basic, and the skills required are low-level as well. Still, there is always the risk of damaging the marble, causing it to either need to be repaired or replaced—neither of which is possible by anyone other than a professional. Whether you choose to take the risk and install it yourself (and save quite a bit!) or hire someone to install it is up to you. But regardless of how it gets there, a marble saddle is always a smart and economical choice!