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Making use of all-natural stone as a floor covering, wall surface, or accessory product in the restroom brings an appearance of beauty to the atmosphere. Many preferred marble styles can be used to as floorings as well as are also offered as floor thresholds. Among one of the most asked for products for the bathroom as well as shower area are the quarter-circle or half-circle marble slabs used as edge soap racks. Travertine is another popular stone that is made use of thoroughly for wall design.

Filled travertine ceramic tiles are quite rustic in look, yet they are waterproof and are preferred for use as a wall surface ceramic tile product in single family homes, apartments, and also resorts. A soap rack could be right into the tiled surface of a shower wall. The soap rack is cut from the similar material as well as well matches the sedimentary rock used for the stall cellular lining.

Production a Soap Shelf

Travertine is a sedimentary rock product, developed when water percolates with to a reduced level rock development. The impurities present in the water contaminate the easy rock below. Stalactites and stalagmites in caves usually have a travertine mineral make-up.

The stone pieces are cut away and sent out to a manufacturing facility where they are thinned and shaped into tiles, pencils, mosaics, as well as level stones. Many of the world’s quarried travertine comes from locations that were once a part of a large hot spring.

Travertine is rather harsh in structure, as well as the smaller sized items made use of for mosaics, insets, and pencils are frequently tumbled to provide the product a rustic look. The actual color shade seen in the stone is the result of mineral contamination, and the stone itself is non-porous. The travertine used to make soap shelves is a lot more smooth, is either light beige or mocha in shade, and has very good multicolor patterns.

A regular size for a soap rack is a quarter-circle cut from a 9-inch span item of travertine. Depending on the style bought, soap racks will certainly have a spherical edge or contain a bull nose around the boundary of the stone. The thickness differs, yet one of the most frequently requested dimension is 5/8-inch or 1/2-inch.

Our business keeps a full stock of this specialized travertine item as well as will certainly deliver it to business purchasers nationwide. Difficult to find in the local flooring retail outlet, these stones are readily available in 50-piece matters from the distribution center at These soap racks are manufactured near the quarrying operation, loaded into complete crates, and delivered abroad to a direct importer and also distributor such as

We Carry Soap Shelves, Shower Seats, and More!

Our travertine edge soap racks for showers are made from premium, sturdy rock. The circles of rock are 18 inches in size and also reduce into excellent quarter-circles. They are expertly cut to precise dimension.

The pieces are then packed into tiny crates, each crate holding 50 soap shelves. The pet crates are sent out directly to our Florida-based warehouse, waiting for transport to our business consumers.

In addition to our travertine soap shelves, we carry a full line of quarter-circle racks made from natural marble. Our crafted white rock soap shelves are additionally reduced from a 9-inch radius circle and also are offered with a rounded, half bull nose side.

Our shower seats are two times as huge as the soap shelves as well as are also quarter-circles. Most of our commercial clients currently purchase these products from us in 50-piece crates, meaning that they can preserve a full supply year-round. These are difficult to discover in a lot of flooring product retail stores or house renovation facilities.

Full-crate distribution means that building projects needing one or more shower room soap racks or shower seats each living device could get the entire material count in a solitary order. Our wholesale pricing has made it much more affordable than ever before for installers and also subcontractors to get this specialty product.

Buying Our Products markets marble, granite, as well as travertine items to retail chains, building and construction business, and independent contractors/installers. Our soap shelves and shower seats are offered in crates of 50 items. This means fantastic financial savings on a premier stone product.

These orders will require a special abroad shipment, but our sales agents will enjoy to organize a huge order as well as could offer customers a really precise delivery day. Customers who have to procure this material on a constant basis can establish up a repeating order schedule with our sales personnel. Huge tasks such as a property growth or a resort will certainly need numerous soap racks. Our Florida-based warehouse is stocked with various cages of shower seats and also soap racks throughout the calendar year.

Installers that put travertine tiles in a shower typically go with a number of positioning patterns before choosing the last arrangement. It is essential that a soap shelf be in a location that closely matches the overall texture and also color shade of the shower stall wall surfaces.

Our orders are sent by means of overland freight provider, as well as the item is crammed in cages lined with a lot of shock soaking up product. This lessens breakage and assists our final purchase rate even more. Buying wholesale addresses the per-piece expense problem considering that of the wholesale prices taken into consideration by the purchaser, as well as it also makes sure that number in the piece pigmentation suffices.

Our retail seller clients are specifically delighted at the convenience with which they can get 50-piece orders often, saving greatly on their purchase price. When compared to the expense of soap racks and also shower seats presented in smaller sized retail outlets, our bulk purchasing procedure merely makes great financial sense.

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Our firm strives to supply our clients with the appropriate high quality marble and travertine items on the market, and also we are dedicated to maintaining our costs at or below the competitors. The straight import and distribution process is not all that made complex, but it does involve timely deliveries, mindful supply management, and import tariffs.

We will certainly show you exactly how straightforward it is to acquire the finest travertine, marble, and granite products on the market. Our quick shipping, superb customer solution, and also special non-standard size order arrangements come with no extra fee.