Affordable Interior Marble Windowsills For Apartments And Condos

Window sills are the perfect finishing touches to any interior space. Using the right kind of materials can make a big difference in making a space look boring, uniquely elegant, or outright bold and daring. If what you want is a boring look, then go ahead and purchase a bulk load of vinyl, or maybe even aluminum for edging. These materials will definitely get the job done, but keep in mind when you’re purchasing these standard window sills, be sure to purchase a few more to your order because most of your past builds will require a replacement in a couple of years or so, especially when you own an apartment or condominium complex.

Importance of Replacing Window Sills

It’s not only rental units that can undergo abuse. Condominiums or condos can also suffer at the hands of their tenants. While most people may be quick to think that flooring and countertops are the first things to be replaced, a window sills is another interior finish that can quickly diminish. This is not necessarily because of the tenant or owner either, they do wear over time.

Because of where window sills are located, they are more exposed to abuse, which means they might suffer just as much as if they were on the exterior of the building.

How Window Sills Can Easily Be Neglected

One would say that window sills are part of the interior that gets tended to as much as the windows themselves! Those who ‘don’t do windows’ probably don’t ‘do’ window sills either. Window sills are in a place that’s usually overlooked and serves as a nice platform to collect dust. Depending on what region you live in, your window sills can collect dust over the winter months, or possibly throughout the entire year in warmer climates in the sun and into the window sill itself.

A Sorry Excuse for a Window Sill Replacement

If you’ve ever rented an older apartment or condo unit in the past, you may have noticed how the owners have tried to spruce up an old window sill with an excessive amount of fresh paint. Some owners don’t even take the extra step of scrapping the existing paint, or baked-in grime off the window sill before painting it. Even worse, they sometimes even paint the window sill shut! Don’t be that person!

With lazy and cheap upkeep, you’re not going to earn the maximum potential your investment can render. So, if you don’t feel like taking the time to scrap paint from a window sill every time a tenant moves out, then stop using standard window sill material. Invest in marble!

Surviving the Elements

When you think of window sills, you may not think that something like that would undergo ‘harsh’ conditions. However, many of us underestimate the natural elements. Have you seen a stop sign that has endured the UV rays of the sun 24 hours of the day, seven days a week? It’s brutal. It can lose its red coloring, fading out the wording altogether. This should give you a basic idea of how much stress a finished product can take when exposed to the elements. Depending on the positioning of a build, window sills can endure just as much abuse as that faded stop sign. The results, will render a different effect, but it usually always ends up the same—replacing an old window sill with a new one.

Marble: The Perfect and Permanent Window Sill

To avoid all of the aggravation of chipping, painting and replacing, consider stocking your warehouse with marble window sills for your next building project and for future repairs to older properties.

There is no limit to what you can do with marble window sills. First, if you stock a diversity of the right kind, there’s no project that can’t benefit from your inventory. Forget about needing to match marble window sills with marble flooring. Marble is a adaptable building material that can complement any room décor. It goes well with carpet and wood flooring offering a polished looking chic finish that can bring in a higher amount for  monthly rent, and even better add on to the resale value.

Where to Find a Good Marble Window Sill Distributor?

At, a marble window sill distributor in South Florida, you have the option of multiple different color choices to stock your warehouse with. By stocking a many color styles, you give your interior designer the freedom to get creative with your inventory. For example, Pure White Thazoz, is the preferred choice for Miami and Miami Beach décor that complements the famous art deco style.

Warmer tones that are typically favored in the northern regions, the Emperador Brown might be the preferred choice. Modern builds may want to go bold with Black Granite or Bardiglio Gray, and professional establishments like doctor’s offices, or retail stores and boutiques may go for a softer touch like the Nuevo White Carrara.

Outside Window Sills

As mentioned, window sills can also be applied for outside use. While marble is certainly a choice, travertine is another option because of its textured and rustic finish.Want to know more about travertine window sills and how they are beneficial in the South Florida – click area here to find out.

Taking Window Sills to a New Level

If you really want to get the most out of each unit you rent to, installing a marble window sill, is a great option as it that can serve as a multifunctional purpose. Read about the different ways marble window sills can be used here.

If you need help determining which kind of marble window sills to stock for your apartment or condominium complex, contact’s representatives today to discuss your options. Call us at (212) 203-7987 or through the convenience of our online form.